We are a full-service, boutique design and creative agency in the Maldives. We create beautiful digital and print experiences that transforms your brand.

We harness the power of innovation, creativity and technology to help our clients to expand their market and evolve.

In other words, we help you solve the following key challenges: Attention, Engagement, Conversion and Retention.

We make sure your message and advertising are on point. We create innovative ways to engage with your customers by using new technology. And finally, we convert these engagements into sales, and help maintain this relationship.

We look forward to work with you!

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Mauroof Ahmed

Managing Partner

As the managing partner and head of strategic planning, he oversees product development and brand management at Yey Studio. Over the years, he has worked with some of the largest organisations in the Maldives, starting as an advertising executive at Dhiraagu. He holds a bachelor's degree in marketing and finance.

Hussain Athif

Studio Head/Partner

As head of design, Athif has helped several businesses translate their vision into visible outcomes in simple and colorful ways. A specialist in branding and visual design, Athif leads a talented team of graphic, motion, and editorial designers working across traditional and digital mediums. Athif is a founding partner of Yey Studio.

Hussain Shammaz


A programmer by training, he is the engineering mind behind the digital products developed at YeyStudio. Shammaz holds a degree in Information Technology and a masters in mobile computing. Before joining Yey Studio, he worked as a programmer at Dhiraagu.

Hussain Siraj


A passionate illustrator and designer, Siraj started his career in design as an apprentice. Now a full member of the design team, his contributions can be seen in some of the largest campaigns developed at Yey Studio. Follow his instagram for more interesting designs and ideas.

Najaaf Saleem

UI/UX & Frontend Developer

A typography specialist turned interaction designer and frontend engineer, Najaaf founded web design at Yey Studio. Over the years, he has been involved in interaction design and frontend development of some of the largest websites and applications developed at Yey Studio. Najaaf is based in Melbourne, and has worked in UI and UX design roles in Australia, mostly in the not-for-profit sector.

Hussain Firushan

Planning & Media

Firushan oversees all the advertising activities from the beginning, planning, rollout and media management. Our go to person for research, and campaign planning, his best work is seen in helping clients to transition their strategies to the digital era. He holds an undergraduate degree in marketing.

Mohamed Siraj


Our in-house writer and linguist, Siraj worked as a language instructor for nearly 20 years. He has worked on copywriting projects for some of the largest organisations in the Maldives. Now he oversees copywriting and content creation projects at Yey Studio. He holds an undergraduate degree in English.


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Web & Digital Experiences

Photography & Motion

Marketing & Advertising

We've Helped

We owe a great deal of our image change and marketing effectiveness to the team at Yey Studio. Through our long term collaboration, we have achieved more than we thought we are capable of. The revival of our brand to a household name is the work of Yey Studio and its partners.

Director, Veligaa Hardware

They have been with every step of the way, in every stage of the marketing from training, marketing planning, & designing offers. The team gives a different perspective from working with clients from other industries. We intend to continue our close collaboration with yey studio. This is the right team to partner with if you take marketing seriously.

General Manager, Sea Gear

An adaptive, technically strong team. The team at Yey Studio has opened us to new opportunities, and new ways to market our product. Often taking a leading role in marketing strategic and tactical level. They understand the numbers and knows how to craft messaging and design to achieve that.

Business Development Manager, BHM Traders